About us

In 2017, METFORD INTERNATIONAL s.r.o. (Czech company) was created by the young team of ambitious specialists.

Our company is a new successful player at the consumer goods market. METFORD INTERNATIONAL s.r.o. focuses on wholesale of electrical goods, electrical tools and construction materials; textile and footwear, including children’s clothes; baby carriages and accessories to them; household appliances and furniture; bicycles and accessories to them; perfumery and cosmetics, including skin-care products and decorative cosmetics.

For a very short period of its activities, METFORD INTERNATIONAL s.r.o. has proved itself to be reliable and professional partner oriented on achieving successful results.

METFORD INTERNATIONAL s.r.o. actively cooperates with major European suppliers and trademarks. The company activities are oriented towards the European and Asian markets.

The company provides its customers with the highest level of services that meet international and European quality standards.


Targets, activity, mission

Being successful in the wholesale of consumer goods, our company conducts expert and marketing researches of the markets. Satisfying the most demanding market needs, the company effectively performs such long-term tasks as:

  • following up popular trends of the customer demands in the key activity segments;
  • selling unique products of perfect quality which are popular with the customers;
  • launching products which occupy the leading position in their market segment in terms of key parameters;
  • achieving maximum efficiency in cooperation with partners, distributors and end-users of the products.

The company mission is to occupy the leading position at the consumer goods market by satisfying the society needs in a quality, innovative and useful product.

The team of skilled professionals with field-specific education who are shaping and implementing the advanced marketing policy are the company core. To ensure the best delivery conditions, we cooperate with large integrated transport and logistics companies, which provides for prompt delivery of the ordered product mix worldwide.

We use our best endeavours to personify quality. Thus, we deliver to our customers the products which exclusively meet high standards and requirements. We do our work without the slightest compromise, focusing on the client. The customer is our priority.


Corporate Social Responsibility to the society, state, as well as our clients, employees and partners is an integral principle of the company performance.

Corporate Social Responsibility constitutes an integral part of our corporate strategy. Our motto is ‘Living Responsibility’, and we devote special attention to the environmental protection (Gogreen), emergency management (Gohelp), creation (Goteach) and support of volunteer services rendered by our employees (Global Volunteer Day, Living Responsibility Fund).


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